How to Decorating Around a TV: Creating a TV Gallery Wall

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How do you embellish around your TV? Should you embellish with a TELEVISION gallery wall surface? About a decade ago it became a popular layout trend to include a TV

Dining room built ins

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Any old-house enthusiast will tell you that built-ins are what makes older houses captivating, practical, and hard to reproduce in a brand-new building. Free-standing and integrated furnishings have always fought

How to Match Mismatched Bedroom Furniture

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    You don’t want to match all your bedroom furnishings – dull, dull, dull. The “great-taste-no-shortcuts” option is to harmonize the different pieces so they blend as if a

Urban modern interior design

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   Perfect for advanced city dwellers, urban modern-day design style is the ultimate for a cosmopolitan living– with a response to contemporary, contemporary, and also commercial impacts, this raised design