Greek interior designs

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When looking out from a Greek island, blue skies kiss turquoise seas in vivid panoramas– you’re forgiven, therefore, if you miss the surrounding manufactured villages and cities. And so, whenever possible, they decided to frame the significant views and constructed their homes, hotels, and public buildings around it.

Considering that Greece is understood for its hot sun, numerous homes were made of stone– to obstruct the heat out and keep the cool air in. Most of the houses were likewise either painted white or plastered in white stucco. The white walls reflected the heat instead of absorbing it and also provided a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere as seen in the villa homes listed below. A lot of the island houses benefit from the warm weather condition by opening the interiors with many windows and entrances. The interaction of the within and outdoors ends up being a centerpiece for these Greek homes.




Greek interior decoration is characterized by combining shades of blue with white which supplies a sharp and reliable contrast. It looks fresh as outdoor-patio-greek-villa outdoor-patio-greek-villa well as modern-day. Internally it’s typical to have whitewashed walls throughout with various accents of blue painted on furnishings, windows, and ornamental columns. If you would like to add a bit more to the scheme it’s suitable to draw from more of the colors outdoors. Green, purplish and red tones work best as they’re inspired by the plant life and wildflowers native to Greece.

Home furnishings


There are some magnificently handcrafted furniture items you can choose for your home. In a Greek Interior wood is the most common material for home furnishings especially for items such as tripod tables and stools.


Textured materials to woven or patterned supply a fantastic touch to the wooden surface area. For sofas and chairs pursue basic yet fine-tuned styles with subtle curves. If you want that rustic appearance mosaic tiles to look fantastic for tabletops.



      As with color, materials in traditional Greek design are motivated by nature. Animal fur, wool, linen, silk, and leather are all popular materials that will work well.

Use these materials as inspiration for your design. Attempt an animal printed bedspread or large leather reading chair. If you’re finding your walls are looking a bit bare try curtained materials and tapestry as wall hangings. This will add a bit more color and texture to the whitewashed walls and soften the appearance of the room.



Greek style relies heavily on natural rock floor covering consisting of sedimentary rock or marble, which are both popular in contemporary Greek decor. For a much more classic appearance try for ceramic tile or tarnished concrete. A soft rug is additionally a great touch to break the firmness of the floor.




Furnishings are generally draped in white cotton or linens– in maintaining a peaceful state of mind. Interior designs are generally an eclectic mix of traditional as well as modern furnishings.

Most furniture in Greek homes is basic with little embellishment and carved of heavy dark timber. Greeks adopted much of their furnishings styles from English and French antique durations and also added a few of their very own styles. In the living-dining room above, there are the conventional Greek chairs, the klismos, introduced in the 5th century BC and also still popular today. The klismos chair has a curved back and splayed-out legs.

While most of the Greek insides show this eclectic style, newer homes and hotel interiors have actually counted on modern furnishings. Natural leather and also Ultrasuede upholstered furniture is made use of in the modern areas. White glued wall surfaces are still utilized, however more vivid textiles are applied. Referrals to standard Greek style are shown in the devices as shown listed below. Sculptural rock items, as well as woven baskets, are combined with contemporary furniture, providing the space the one-of-a-kind touch.


Exterior Patio


A terrace or a patio is part of every Greek design home. Especially if you live in a cozy climate, you can quickly attain this relaxed as well as sun-loving appearance motivated Mediterranean decor utilizing terracotta pots and also devices.

Select some common Mediterranean plants for your such as lavender, thyme, rosemary, oleander as well as geraniums and decide for strong and rustic furnishings made from cast iron or timber.
Regardless of what method you choose to embellish your home drawing from essential features of the Greek design, you’re guaranteed to include a feeling of refinement as well as elegance to contemporary as well as classic residences.

A lot of Greek homes today are small in scale and style. While their furnishings designs were obtained from various other countries, they individualized their spaces by adding Greek objets d’art that refer back to classical antiquity, ceramic or figural sculpture, of which they are justifiably proud. A Greek residence is genuinely a representation of global designs as well as antique and existing periods.

No matter what method you pick to embellish your residence drawing from key features of the Greek design you’re guaranteed to add a sense of refinement and also style to contemporary and classic houses.

Let’s watch some videos of modern Greek houses:


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