How to Match Mismatched Bedroom Furniture

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You don’t want to match all your bedroom furnishings – dull, dull, dull. The “great-taste-no-shortcuts” option is to harmonize the different pieces so they blend as if a top-notch eye has selected them over some time. That flea market rocker, curbside nightstand, acquired dresser and the antique-shop bed will exist side-by-side in stunning magnificence when you fiddle around with paint and fabric, and score the ideal accessories to connect them.

Something Similar


Assemble a complete bedroom suite from diverse pieces with an eye towards style or material elements that have something in common. If granny gave you her spool bed and a little vintage wood table in a comparable wood tone, you’re halfway there. Hunt for a nightstand in the very same design of wood as the table and bed frame, turn the occasional table into a nightstand, and collaborate the two with matching lights. Any other wood furniture in the space should echo the tones in the bed grouping or be painted to match the walls or trim. If mismatched pieces “feel” as if they belong together, you can get away with the random acquisition. That suggests the design, the surface, the color, the heft, and scale of the furniture ought to be somewhere in the very same neighborhood so they balance in your bedroom.

Protective Coloration


Wield a mean paintbrush and whip that junk store bedroom into shape. An armoire, cabinet, nightstand, and wood bed frame end up being a collaborated, fabulous shoddy chic-style bedroom with some crackle glaze, sandpaper, and milk paint. Tidy up the wood and get rid of the hardware. Sand and paint the pieces with a colorful skim coat– barn red, dark chocolate or forest green. Cover the dark color with a couple of coats of cream or white milk paint, but integrate into some distress by following the directions to make the paint chip as it dries or includes swatches of crackle glaze before the final coat to motivate the crazing that occurs to old paint. Both synthetic strategies will reveal some of the colors of the darker coat below the light finish. Include a bit more visual wear by lightly sanding the edges, bedposts, and the areas around handles where the paint would have worn away for many years.


Masquerading as a Match


The dressing table is an incredible mirrored retro Art Deco pretender. You splurged on a more economical duplicate of a clear polycarbonate ghost chair. Your bed is a very discreet piece of wood that sustains a cushion with a luxurious silver silk-polyester bed linen. The dresser is a lump of brownish veneer from the attic, and also the white walls are burning out. You’re a DIY weekend far from a knock-out room. Paint the dresser metallic silver as well as glue mirror panels sideways and also drawer fronts. Change the cumbersome wood knobs with fake crystal from the home or equipment store. Repaint the bed platform pewter or aluminum– non-metallic– to make it match a bit however mainly vanish. Paper one wall surface with black as well as metallic silver Art Deco wallpaper and also haunt flea markets and thrift stores for old crystal light bases to refurbish for the vanity as well as night tables.

Forging Links


Locate a jailing textile to stretch over the bed as a canopy, cover cushion shams for the bed and chair or bench, and also fancy up a lampshade or the pillow on your work desk chair. A restrained salute, lotion, and also pewter print job with bamboo roll-up tones, gray-painted sawhorse desktop supports, faded tobacco, lotion, and also grey oriental rug as well as a grey chenille spread on the wrought-iron bed.

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