Mediteranean interior design and Home design concepts

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The Mediterranean interior design embodies the sensation of Europe’s southern coast (more specifically, the south of France, Spain, and Italy). This location has an unwinded, inviting environment that is shown in the Mediterranean design style with its colorful touches, rustic furniture, and rich textural intros. Architectural functions such as repeating arches, barrel and groin-vaulted ceilings, clay tile roofing systems, stone window sills, and wooden lintels over doors and windows are a typical style.

Mediterranean interiors pursue a carefree and casual sensation by bringing as much of the living landscape and the warm sunlight into the interior as possible. This style is often referred to as “Southern European “Country” because although furnishings and architecture follow the same standard design periods as discovered in more formal environments, this design replicates the casual lifestyle of a warmer European climate. Products that would naturally be found in these locations are featured as architectural elements or home furnishings (terra-cotta tiles, pinewood with light painted surfaces, and carved limestone or marble for example).

Walls are generally plastered in light colors, however, stronger colors are worked in somewhere else in the areas. Mediterranean interiors usually feature mosaic tile styles on floorings, like kitchen area backsplashes, etc.

Each nation in this region has its typical color combination, materials, and textures in the design, however, there are still a lot more common features. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Mediterranean house design concepts

  • Natural colors
  • Choose furnishings that match your style
  • Use rustic surfaces
  • Forget about rectangular doors and windows
  • Use patterns and textures
  • Mediterranean drapes
  • Use soft rugs
  • Handmade accessories
  • A mosaic touch
  • Don’t forget about the exterior style

Mediterranean-style cooking area: things to think about when developing

The cooking area or kitchen-living space of this design is a scrumptious mixed drink from the cultural traditions of southern nations. Want to embody the concept of convenience, hospitality, and benefit? The Mediterranean-style kitchen area is perfect for that. The design may include many components. This does not mean that the room must be overfilled with details. Select any combination: from sun colors to muted sand shades. Everything is limited only by your imagination and spending plan.


1. Big table for 4-6 people for a comfortable meal.
2. Choose natural wood cabinets with ceramic tiles on the wall, glass inserts, and metal fittings.
3. Chairs. You can pick a set of wooden chairs with wide backs or sophisticated metal frames and soft seats. The chairs upholstered with cotton or linen plaid fabric will look harmoniously.
4. The interior of the Mediterranean-style cooking area permits a wooden cabinet with open shelves filled with stunning accessories (brilliant cooking area utensils or decorative plates).
5. Tabletop. Pick countertops made of natural stone, ceramic tile, or a mix of these.
6. A large ceramic sink completely complements your kitchen interior.



Wallpapers and panels in the kitchen in this style are unusual. As a guideline, the walls are tiled or finished with stone. Mediterranean-style tiles can be laid out in a mosaic way. When it comes to the option of colors, the most common are rich shades of yellow, soft cream, sand, in addition to a range of inclusions of “bright” tones. The kitchen area can likewise be decorated using numerous warm colors, which makes it even more comfortable throughout the winter season.



When it comes to the floor, it is frequently covered with ceramic tiles in a color design that is in harmony with the walls and ceiling. If the ceramic floor feels cold, put a soft mat.



A popular component of the ceiling decoration is massive wood beams of gray and dark brown. They are perfect for a roomy kitchen area. In regards to the apartment or condo is best to paint the ceiling matte paint beige.

Mediterranean style cooking area generally has a large dining location. At the same time, the cooking zone and the dining zone can be separated by an additional work surface area or a bar counter.

Mediterranean design bedroom: general designs

Starting to create a bedroom in the Mediterranean style? Vibrant Spanish or even white-colored as well as blue greek?

The Italian Mediterranean

This design is characterized by rugged town designs. Mediterranean type in bedroom interior might likewise include the appearance of Venetian plaster.

Greek Mediterranean

The Greek sense in the inside of an apartment or condo or a house may be effortlessly set apart by the strong blue and turquoise tones that communicate the shades of the sea. This aquatic color scheme is typically integrated along with white plaster and also whitewashed floors. Whitewall surfaces are favorably combined along with authentic Greek patterns on the ceiling and also bedding. This choice can be carefully contacted both traditional and modern-day.


Universal design

Mediterranean design is best for the bedroom as a result of its own hot as well as attractive style, which combines traditional, present-day, and also unconventional possibilities. So, the opulent bed with 4 turrets appears wonderful in combination along with present-day dining table lamps, bedding, and also delicate window drapes.

Mediterranean design living-room and also its components



Of all, you ought to choose the appropriate color system, yet you require to decide which fad will be definitive. If you opt for Italian, at that point give inclination to shades of the planet: from grey, sand to yellow as well as terracotta. In the case of the Greek direction, the excellent choice will be white-colored, blue, olive as well as lightweight terracotta.

Home furniture

Irrespective of the country-specific type of the living area, help make a selection in favor of wood items of household furniture. The inside of the lifestyle space typically consists of a reduced sofa, a married couple of benches, a coffee dining table, a cabinet, or a rack.
Filling up the living room with straightforward “rustic” timber furniture is fairly in the Greek feeling. Wicker chairs, as well as smokes along with cotton covers and also peninsulas, are additionally made it possible for. In this case, the home furniture must be organized so that there suffices space for relaxed activity.


As in the room, the floor is commonly mapped out with ceramic tiles, organic rock, repainted wooden panels, or laminate along with an unattended surface area.


Wall surfaces and ceiling

If you want to make a living-room in this design, it is needed to leave out any type of treatment of the wall surfaces, except printed plaster and paint in a matte cover. Tough timber beams on the roof, a style component feature of the original style, are selected to match the window and door positions. Light fixture along with operated iron parts require to become gotten merely in the case of taking on the Italian design in the living-room.


Finished with the improvement works? It is the opportunity, to begin with, the design. It is a decoration that will generate convenience in your living room. Thus do not hesitate to make use of attractive ceramics: flowerpots, attractive plates. Wrought copper candlesticks and also lamps will offer your sitting room a special beauty of comfort. Do certainly not forget about the vivid pillows as well as smooth mats.

Mediterranean style country house


Nothing else style can most effectively share the timeless charm and appeal of the Mediterranean coast. This option is the most popular across the planet. The question is actually, exactly how can you efficiently impart his suggestion in your home?

If your property is still incomplete, it is well to decide on the curved design of the windows and doors. Using this option you are going to have the ability to attain a smooth transition in between the enclosed area and the outdoor. The interior of the home in the Mediterranean design is carefully hooked up with its outsides.
The particular focus ought to be spent on the balcony, steps, rotundas, and also patios, which are required. You can begin with a stylish wrought fence, nutritional supplement the outdoor with a water fountain or swimming pool. Homeowners of the southerly regions widely make use of forged factors in the outdoor layout of the house, in such a technique that they overlap along with the very same factors inside the house. Carry out not overlook that the Mediterranean type means wealthy in vegetation. Along with such a southern layout solution on the outside, you can quickly produce the atmosphere of a home on the shore.


And now let’s take a  video tour of very beautiful real Mediterranean homes:

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