Spanish Interior Design ideas and elements

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Spanish interior decoration is a fantastic concept if you want to a style that is sophisticated and elegant, while still keeping a homely and peaceful atmosphere. Initially ending up being popular in the mid-twentieth century within California, Texas, and Florida, Spanish interior decoration elements are still popular today, with homes that have been embellished in this style most likely to sell quicker and for a greater price.
Spanish interior decoration is a dynamic, vibrant Mediterranean design that brings to mind rustic rental properties, sunny patios, and an old-fashioned, strong sense of household. Unlike other style styles, Spanish decor is relatively easy to accomplish in your own home

With that influence, Spanish interior design includes a coastline-inspired color scheme of blues, greens, whites, and browns. The components of stone and ceramics are very common in Spanish design along with pottery, wrought iron pieces, candlelight holders, and carved wood panels.
Spanish style house.

Vital Spanish style interior decoration elements to get you going.

Walls and ceilings

Colour and light are all important in interior design. The normal Mediterranean color scheme includes lots of natural earth tones along with both cool and warm tones. Look for taupes and chocolate browns, mustard yellows and burnt oranges, deep reds and indigo blues– and a lot of white too.

Walls in Spanish homes are frequently finished with a smooth, stippled, or coarse render or plaster to give a rustic ambiance. Sometimes, a synthetic paint strategy is utilized to include additional dimensions, with brushes or sponges blending numerous tones of the same color.

As you will have noticed from your travels through the Mediterranean, dark exposed wood is a huge accent function– utilize it for wood-framed windows, carved panels, and exposed ceiling beams.

Interior flooring


Difficult floor covering surface areas are the most conventional choice throughout Mediterranean houses, with fitted carpet being virtually unusual in Spanish interiors. Not unexpected given the hot temperatures from spring through to fall; and even the winter can be much milder than in the UK.

For the most genuine effect, fit consistent tough floor covering throughout– hardwood, slate, terracotta or ceramic tiles are all great choices and there’s a wealth of offered choices at numerous rate points.

Add completing touches with strategically put runners, small and big area rugs for that homely feel. Standard Spanish rugs are made with a knotted weave in staggered rows, typically in calming off-white or neutral beige hues.

House accessories


Occasionally, it’s the little touches that can make a large influence. For a Spanish feeling, mix various typical materials such as wrought iron, ceramic, and Mediterranean design textiles to set the scene.

Keep an eye out for traditional ironmongery including wrought iron door handles, knockers, and also cupboard takes care of. Replace the area’s components as well as furnishings with luxuriant black steel drape rods, rustic functioned iron chandeliers as well as wall surface sconces. What regarding an attractive iron bed framework or headboard?

Next, include terracotta vases or bowls right into your Spanish Finca farmhouse style insides, either as individual declaration pieces or as tiny collections. You may have the ability to source ideal ceramic direct from local craftsmen or via their retail channels which may consist of local artisan occasions, homeware stores, and also garden centers.

Select basic cotton floor carpets or home window therapies such as fuss-free curtains in muted colors.



Utilizing a variety of lights, wrought iron sconces and also candlesticks can contribute to the Spanish cost of your design enormously, citronella candle lights are a regular aroma that the Spanish usage to assist hinder mosquitos as well as other bugs.

Attempt and make certain that your rooms have as much light as feasible, as it will aid to preserve the Mediterranean feel of your Spanish interior design motif no matter what the weather condition resembles exterior.

Typical Spanish furniture style


Have you noticed that Mediterranean houses usually often tend to favor heavy, dark timber furnishings, with a strong, practical look and feel? Mahogany, rosewood, walnut, teak wood, and ebony are preferred options for dining room collections, bedroom furniture, and likewise for cabinets and also coffee tables.

Lots of Spanish houses include architectural features such as soft, rounded arcs and whimsical woodcarvings, with the sober furniture style providing an interesting contrast to the indoor whimsies. Go for hefty wood benches as well as chairs, and go with straight-backed elbow chairs, either in natural leather or upholstered in woven cotton materials. Take a look at my home improv for more.

Veranda as well as patio area locations


Mediterranean living is everything about linking the indoors with the outdoors; alfresco living areas consist of verandas, outdoor patios, and balconies. The floor plans of many Spanish residences open out towards large exterior dining and also resting locations, commonly by way of archways, French doors, or sliding doors that enable optimum natural light to flood the area.

Treat outdoor spaces as a comfortable extension of your interior and lush the very same interest in making it feel inviting. Select wicker or wooden furnishings and soften it with a few colorful pillows. Include functioned iron wall surface sconces or perhaps a fire pit, and make use of terracotta pots to position lavish greenery on your sunny balcony or terrace.

Utilizing a Spanish interior design style within your home will certainly assist you to produce a vivid and inviting environment, with a friendly and unwinded atmosphere whether you take motivation from a country resort, beachside villa or conventional old fashioned home.


Now you have all the information you need, all the best with achieving your own Spanish interior design concepts.

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